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Afghanistan has one of the youngest demographics in the world. Some 50 percent of Afghans have been born after 2001 and grew up both with the promise of peace and democracy and the frustrations and trauma of a seemingly never ending war. It will be up to them to build peace, good governance and social and economic opportunities for everyone. Although tremendous challenges persist in all those areas, the unprecedently high level of education amongst the country’s youth is accompanied by an impressive motivation for change. Many of the country’s finest young minds are using their skills to seek opportunities elsewhere and attempts to reverse the brain drain have been undermined by insecurity and a lack of reforms to end e.g. corruption. With more than six million Afghans live outside of the country, its abilities to retain and attract talent and skilled labor are evidently limited and weak.

FES promotes the sustainable inclusion of young voices in decision-making in all areas of Afghanistan politics and society and empowers their voices in the national and international debate on current developments and trends. Through capacity building formats, conferences and workshops FES provides a platform of exchange on responsible leadership for future Afghan leaders and their peers inside the country and around the world.

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Afghan women boost their prospects through solidarity

At a workshop in Kabul, Afghan women activists learn innovative approach to solidarity, boosting their prospects and the country’s future.


Wednesday, 26.09.18 - Kabul, Afghanistan | Empowering the Next Generation | Event

Negotiation Tactics and Strategies

FES organized a workshop on negotiation taxtics and strategies for Afghan young leaders.



Dashty, Mohammad Faheem

The public's voice in the peace process


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Safi, Mariam; Alizada, Bismellah

Integrating Afghanistan into the belt and road initiative

Review, analysis and prospects

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