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Willy Brandt

Peace is something more than the absence of war, although some nations would be thankful for that alone today. A durable and equitable peace system requires equal development opportunities for all nations.

- Willy Brandt -

Regional Declaration on Afghanistan’s Peace and Stability Launched

The Afghanistan Policy Group alongside its counterparts and experts from Pakistan, Iran, the Central Asian Republics, India and China is proud to present the Joint Declaration on Regional Peace and Stability.

The first product of its kind, this declaration is the result of a unique process wherein experts from Afghanistan and its regional neighbours jointly deliberated priorities and recommendations to be conveyed to their respective governments and decision-makers. The Declaration contains innovative, practical and far-reaching recommendations for regional cooperation.

The Joint Declaration is the product of an entirely Afghan-led process with full ownership of the Policy Groups and partner agencies. It also includes the perspectives and positions of regional experts from Russia and Turkey – thereby making it a truly regional Declaration. Developed by seasoned politicians, parliamentarians, diplomats, military officials, analysts and media representatives, the Declaration was informed by their collective expertise. The recommendations made in this Declaration will be presented to decision-makers and respective governments to help them establish the much-needed regional cooperation as outlined in the Regional Economic Cooperation Conference for Afghanistan (RECCA) and the Istanbul Process.

The regional experts endured multiple and frank discussions, through dozens of bilateral and multilateral summits held across the region since June 2012. They addressed historical tensions and grievances, so as to finally be able to identify common interests and shared visions.

The neutral platform to engage in such unique dialog was facilitated by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.


The Afghanistan Policy Group is also preparing an additional paper, independently but also as an extension of their own plans and proposals to further certain aspects discussed during the drafting of the Declaration. The “Enduring Neutrality: Restoring the Traditional Trajectory and Securing a Sovereign and Prosperous Afghanistan,” authored by the Afghanistan Policy Group is being finalized and readied for publication. Should you be interested in viewing the paper at the soonest, kindly send your request to


Click here for the PDF version of the Joint Declaration on Regional Peace and Stability.