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Strengthing actors in civil society
– especially youth and women

Working on this project aim, FES is helping to build capacity with actors and networks that form a system of checks and balances for both the legislative and executive. In particular, FES goal is to reach out to two important groups: youth and women, and thereby to support those who are socio-politically engaged and who want to build a broader network between actors and organizations.

Young Afghans as the future political generation

In consideration of the immense challenges youth faces today in Afghanistan, the FES youth project focuses on capacity building, access to knowledge of politics, leadership skills and providing youth the opportunity to experience political participation. The core element of this project is focusing on training selected youth in Kabul and outreach activities to the youth in provinces in the context of the Young Leaders Forum (YLF). YLF was initiated in 2004, new members join this forum every year creating networks between youth organizations as well as members of senior generations of YLF.

Women in Politics

Working toward this project aim specifically targets females and to strengthen their capacity of decision making. Additionally, academic staff and clerics are introduced to gender and engaged in discussions about the role of men and women in Islam. As is true for all FES projects, they are planned very carefully and in closest collaboration with well rooted partner organisations. An FES research project is looking into the role of women in politics on the sub-national level.