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Fostering the peaceful resolution of conflicts

For many years, the political dynamic in Afghanistan was - and still is to a degree - based on culture of violence, which resulted in the formation for a debate on peaceful conflict transformation and transitional justice. Despite the initial steps which have been taken, the ground for public debate is still weak.

Working with media representatives

FES – through regional conferences on freedom of speech - is supporting networks to pass information between government and non government institutions. This is particularly important on the provincial level. In addition, new journalists can join the “Young Journalists Network” which includes series of capacity building trainings and political dialogues.

A public debate on transitional justice

With this project, a ground for a constructive debate on Transitional Justice on the level of stakeholders as well as on the public level is helped to create. FES works closely with with local organization focusing on “Theatre of the oppressed” as a method to deal with the past.