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A constructive dialogue between Parliament, governmental institutions and civil society

In working on this project aim, FES, with its wide network of political actors takes up the important task to build bridges and foster constructive exchange between parliament, governmental institutions and civil society. FES is offering platforms for dialogue on an Afghan democratization process fuelled by Afghan ideas and solutions and promoting a culture of public dialogue for the peaceful solution of conflicts.

Collaboration with Parliament and provincial council

FES works with selected parliamentarians and commissions in order to build capacity and foster internal and external mechanism of constructive exchange. We also aim to strengthen the capacity of provincial council members, newly elected in 2009.

Transparent and value based political alliances

FES particularly focuses on training trainers within political parties to durably increase capacities for alliance building, strategic planning, conflict management, leadership and gender equality in political parties.

Supporting Elections through socio-political dialogue and capacity building

The FES launches a series of debates and offers for critical and constructive exchange. Activities further include working with political parties, civil awareness rising through theatre, and a large scale and unique series of youth simulation games on elections in the provinces.